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Katrice Morris, parent of Savannah Childers
student at Haynes-Inman Education Center

"He wants to serve the child, the family and the community."

Since the late 1990s, Mark Yates, MD, of Piedmont Orthopedics has volunteered his time to help children with disabilities at Gateway Education Center. When no doctor could be found to take on the same duties at the new Haynes-Inman Education Center, which opened in Jamestown in 2010, Dr. Yates took on that responsibility as well.

He spends one morning each month at one of the schools, seeing the children at no charge and writing prescriptions for braces, wheelchairs and other equipment to help them become more mobile.

On May 8, 2012, Margaret Akingbade, a physical therapist who has worked with disabled children at the schools for more than 30 years, joined with parents to honor and thank Dr. Yates for his inspiring work at a "Dr. Mark Yates Appreciation Day" celebration at Haynes-Inman. (Margaret is shown in photo at right with Dr. Yates). Children made cards and sang songs, parents wrote letters, and speeches were made in recognition of his work.

Below are comments from parents of children at Haynes-Inman about the help Dr. Yates has provided to their families and the school.

Amy Underwood, mother of Christopher: "Dr. Yates has written prescriptions for Christopher to get new ankle and chest braces and a wheelchair. Because Dr. Yates can see Christopher at school, it makes it a lot easier and quicker to get the equipment he has needed. That means a lot to me and to any parent who has a special needs child. If anything can be made easier, we appreciate it. Dr. Yates doesn’t ask any payment for his time here."

Diane Alejo, mother of Matthew: "Dr. Yates doesn't like to broadcast what he does at Haynes-Inman. He just comes in, does what he does and leaves. He doesn't want to make a big show of it. He's here for the kids and the parents. But what he does is so helpful for us. Anything that is needed, Dr. Yates can get ordered without us having to go to the doctor's office. That saves us a lot of time and money."

Katrice Morris, mother of Savannah Childers: "Dr. Yates may be a bone doctor, but he is all heart. The way he chooses to serve the community speaks volumes about his character and about the type of physician he is. He's always willing to listen and discuss. He is genuinely concerned. You aren't rushed. He writes prescriptions for anything you need, or if he doesn't believe you need it, he'll tell you and he'll recheck it next time. He's just really honest and open. He wants to serve the child, the family and the community."


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