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Ask the Orthopedist: Mark Yates, MD, Answers Questions on Severe Arm Pain & Numbness in a Thumb

Piedmont Orthopedics surgeon Mark Yates, MD, is featured in the Ask the Orthopedist column in the August 2014 issue of Guilford Woman magazine.

Dr. Yates answers a question about treatment options for severe arm pain and weakness and a question about possible causes of pain and numbness in a thumb.

Read the column here or pick up a copy of the magazine at numerous locations around Guilford County, including Harris Teeter stores.

Do you have a question related to Dr. Yates’s column? Or a general orthopedic question you would like to have answered in a future Ask the Orthopedist column? Send an e-mail to AskPiedmont-Ortho@sosbonedocs.com.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Yates, you may contact Piedmont Orthopedics at (336) 275-0927 or via the Web at www.piedmont-ortho.com.



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